New Platform ERS100 (Mini-Canvass)-Jul2017

I.T. and Academic Support and Services (ITACS)
-refer: New Organization Chart 13 Sep 2018
-New Projects....(to be advised)

Work Plan 20-30 Sep 2018 (during Leave clearance time)
12. New Platform Classroom Booking (Light Weight) System
based on subscription to code project, Dr LaiTaiYu's work / ...can free use &  change
-detailed study to simplify the system for use

Plan A (user application based)
- Implementation of PDOSH: the User view, work done during Leave Clearance
12-13 Sep 2018
PDOSH Drop Box system - linking to School Web site Download Area
The Video Channel (the making of New Platform Drop Box Sysems) showing how it works

The PDOSH Modules Drop Box system below:

Health and Safety Law


Safety Management

Occupational Health and Hygiene

Safety Culture and Management Technique

Project (6 credits)

Practical Assessment (site visit) (1 credit)

20 Jul 2018 Fri programme promotion material (in Headline Newspaper)

- MTO (Make To Order) development methodology- please see Plan B


Plan B
 Research based on a Case Study: ABC(Hong Kong) College
ABC College (Hong Kong) Campus**
Purpose: Based on the Case Study, MTO (Make to Order) for other Programmes
fast delivery
1313-432-9703-complete within one day or two 17 Aug 2018
1b Programme Leader supply username and password to Applicant 17 Aug 2018
1c Programme Leader check completed Application Form 17 Aug 2018
2. (718) 782-3110 17 Aug 2018
3. upload Programme Application Form to Programme Leader Drop Box  17 Aug 2018
4. Programme Announcements, Orientation Programme etc. (Programme Officer Page) (db2)
5. 418-633-2654
6. Student eLearning (Weekly lectures) download Lecture Material (lecture 1...) (db2)
7. (956) 400-9633
8. Mark Assignment (sgs)
9. Mobile Attendance Record (sgs...)
10. Exam Board Meeting (sgs)
11. Clean up Drop Box    Updated: 23 Aug 2018 Thu, Clean up Drop Box
Work Plan 20-30 Sep 2018 (during Leave clearance time)
12. New Platform Classroom Booking (Light Weight) System
based on subscription to code project, Dr LaiTaiYu's work / ...can free use &  change
-detailed study on the system for use
(to be revised - to book same day application, bug fixing)

previous version
6Sep 2018 status: DO NOT book same day, otherwise unknown result!

*** ABC College (Hong Kong) Campus Case Study for reserach and development
- offers Degee, Foudation Year and BTEC programmes in Hong Kong

Map of ABC College 

Degrees programmes and Foundation Programme  (total 6, both full time and part time)

BA (Hons) Business Management,,商業管理(榮譽)學士
BA (Hons) Business Management, 商業及市場學(榮譽)學士
BA (Hons) Business and Marketing, 會計及財務管理(榮譽)學士
BA (Hons) Accounting and Financial Management, 商業及人力資源管理(榮譽)學士
BA (Hons) Business and Human Resource Management, 旅遊業管理及國際款待學士
BSc (Hons) International Tourism and Hospitality, 英國國家高級文憑

Foundation Programme (Year 0) - 7 modules 1. Contemporary Business Issues in Global Business 2. Higher Education Skills, 3. I.T. for Business Use, 4. Introduction to Critical Academic Thinking, 5. Organisation Behaviour and Management of People, 6. Introduction to Organisational Management, 7.Business Management Project

BTEC HND Programmes (total 10, both full time and part time)
Sport and Exercise Science
Hospitality Management
International Travel and Tourism Management
Performing Arts
Creative Media Production
Public Services
Animal Management
Web Design Database Management (

 Staff organization:

Staff Role (userID)



College Principal (CP)


CEO of Hong Kong Campus

Vice Principal (CVP)


VP Academic
VP Exchange and Student Learning
VP I.T. and Facilities

Progression Advisors (PA1-PA4)


6 Degree programmes, 10 BTEC HND programmes

Admin. Officers (AO1-AO4)


Accounting and School Fees, Marketing, eLearning and I.T. Liaison, Part-time staff

Programme Leaders (PL1-PL6)


 16 Programmes (Degree plus BTEC), Programme Leader (Foundation Year)

General Support Officers (GS1-GS2)


Facilities, Fee Payment

Full-time Teaching Consultants (FTTC1-FTTC36)  


6 degree programmes (full time, part-time)

Part-time Teaching (PTTC1-PTTC24) Consultants


10 BTEC programmes

Total staff Personal Resource Box


Each staff given ONE Personal Resource Box

Updated: 13 Aug 2018 Backup and Restore (Recovery) drills
Thank you message to Networking Support Team...
Nobody does it better! (L.J.Hooker)
using Backup disk seagate 2TB, acting as an external backup disk, and bridging between Micorosft Cloud and an External Buffalo 1TB drive giving 3 Levels of backup: Level 1 the server, Level 2 the seagate 2TB mounted to server, Level 3 the External buffalo 1TB
-recovery takes approximately 2 hours (assuming the whole server taken away) using a new server from scratch

Updated: 10 Aug 2018
Meeting with a Senior Staff of a CyberVision Learning Management System Company on 10 Aug 2018 in student canteen for 1.5 hours
- interesting discussion (all based on Java, whereas New Platform all based on Visual C#)
/   a Hong Kong Based company
How a Self-Financing College enhance their student intake through eLearning and workflow functions in the last 2 years
Happy to come to give a presentation